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By utilizing the Adam James Group we are able to make the PEO's and Payroll companies compete for your business and provide you with the lowest rates possible, Our contacts with the executive leadership gives us access to rates that a sales person or manager can not always provide to drive your costs down.

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The PEO and Payroll process can be confusing and cumbersome. We will help you navigate the tedious and intricate process. We will ensure that you have the best PEO or Payroll service for your needs. We work for you NOT the PEO or Payroll provider ensuring that you are placed with the right service for your particular industry and set of needs.


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Let us be your single point of contact to the PEO and Payroll marketplace. We will meet with you, asses your needs, goals and vision, then strategically shop for the PEO or Payroll options that best suit your company. Lastly, we will put these comparative quotes in 1 easy to read format and help you make an informed decision and help guide you through the implementation process.

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