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​Which of the over 700 PEO companies is the best fit for your needs?? Let the Adam James Group do the work for you. Our process will alleviate the cumbersome and confusing task of data compilation and interpretation. Let the Adam James Group be your single point of contact and  streamline the process. We will analyze the data and make an easy to understand proposal of competing PEO's  to guarantee you the best possible PEO solution for your business needs.

Adam James Group is your answer to finding the best PEO for you.

Adam James Group's systematic, yet personal, approach works every time. Through a series of questions that cover everything from payroll process, compensation structure, work comp claims history, and documentation to HR compliance, technology and your three-year growth plan, we’ll identify and prioritize your current and future requirements. Once we have an accurate assessment of your goals and which services you need, we’ll put our industry expertise and years of business experience to use to identify the best PEO companies that are licensed in your locations and specialize in what you need.

The Adam James Group manages the entire process of securing quotes from all the PEO companies on the short list, making sure your requirements are crystal clear and you’re getting the best possible pricing. After the proposals are in, it’s time to compile all the pertinent information into one easy-to-read report that provides a side-by-side comparison of PEO including a full break down of all costs. If you currently have a PEO, the report compares potential PEO companies against each other as well as against your current provider. At a glance you’ll see your current costs, how much you’ll save, and which PEO companies deliver the most value. Just as important are the independent references you’ll get from clients using the PEO companies you are considering.

Our recommendations, along with references and concise data, make it easy to make the right choice.

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The Adam James Group PEO Proposal Process

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